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At AusNet Services, you can be certain that safety comes first in everything we do. But when it comes to electricity in and around your property, we ask that you also make safety a priority too – whether it be overhead and/or underground.

For any property damage that disrupts your power supply, please contact a licensed electrical contractor to carry out an inspection and any necessary repairs. We will then arrange reconnection. If you notice a hazard, such as fallen powerlines or tree branches on powerlines, please be sure to keep a safe distance and immediately report a fault


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 Preparing for outages

How to stay safe when the power is out. 

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 Working near lines

Stay safe around powerlines. 

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 Easement use

Information on planting, building and working on easements.

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 Private powerlines

Maintenance and safety tips

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Dial before you dig

Call 1100 before you dig.