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Installing decorative devices

Last modified: 19 November 2016

If you wish to attach decorations to our powerpoles, you will need to gain approval. Decorative devices include banners, flags, streamers, bunting, or any other type of ornamental object.

Supply and Demand Management

Last modified: 19 November 2016

Important load shedding information

Major projects in your area

Last modified: 19 November 2016

We are investing billions of dollars in capital works projects across both gas and electricity networks to upgrade capacity, meet growing customer demand and continue to provide a safer operating environment. In carrying out major projects, we adhere to best practices in project management and an approach that is endorsed by the Australian Institute of Project Management. As well as delivering projects safely, on time and on budget, we also aim to minimise the impact on local communities, through consultation and when planning the construction stages.


Sponsorships and Donations

Last modified: 19 November 2016

AusNet Services is passionate about partnering with the communities in which we operate to deliver projects that have a wide range of sustainable community benefits.

Each year our sponsorships and donations strategy is reviewed to ensure it is aligned with our values and corporate strategy, and offers the right level of support through sponsorships, donations, community development programs, employee volunteering grants and energy industry education.

Customer Consultative Committee

Last modified: 19 November 2016

With the energy industry undergoing rapid change, the need to build closer ties with customers led to the establishment of the Customer Consultative Committee in 2016.

Community Energy

Last modified: 19 November 2016

Community energy is when a community group initiates, develops, operates and benefits from a shared or individual energy resource. Every project is different and tailored to each community's needs and context.

It is important to remember that community projects require significant time and effort from dedicated resources. The projects are time consuming and complex so support of the community is crucial.

Mooroolbark Mini Grid Project

Last modified: 19 November 2016

Australia is in the midst of an energy revolution. The growth in solar power, energy storage and smart control technology has the potential to change the way our society produces, uses and sells energy. To help us prepare for this future, AusNet Services is trialling Australia’s first mini grid in an established community.

Demand Management

Last modified: 19 November 2016

One of the ways we manage demand is by upgrading our transformers and powerlines, to increase the overall capacity of our network. And while this helps to ensure safe and reliable supply during peak times, it also means operating below capacity during off-peak times.

Zone substation reports

Last modified: 19 November 2016

AusNet Services offers you the opportunity to request zone substation reports for a small fee.


Last modified: 19 November 2016

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