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Gas safety

To maintain the safety and function of your gas appliances at home, it’s important to get them checked regularly according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Energy Safe Victoria and the Victorian Building Authority recommend having certain appliances checked every two years, including:

  • gas water heaters,

  • space heaters; and

  • central heaters.


Among other things, your gas fitter will check for:


  • blocked burners in water heaters and space heaters,

  • blocked air filters, airways and fans, which can lead to overheating and boiler problems; and

  • worn out or failing safety controls.


All checks should be conducted by a licensed gas fitter (or factory technician), who must monitor for carbon monoxide (CO) spillage.

Do not allow an unqualified person to carry out repairs and never attempt to fix a gas appliance yourself.


For more information on safety, please also visit our page on Maintaining Gas Appliances.


Helpful tips

  • Follow the manufacturer’s service plan and keep a record of the service date.

  • Ask you gas fitter for a Certificate of Compliance for any gas works in your home.

  • Make sure you’re familiar with the distinct smell of gas.

  • Gas safety depends on many things, including the user taking care.



Bushfire safety


In the event of a bushfire, you should always turn off your natural gas supply, if you can do so safely – the valve to turn off your gas is located on the side of your meter. To help ensure safe access, keep the area around your meter clear of any flammable materials. 


Gas leaks


Gas leaks outside

If you smell gas in the street or around your property before or during meter installation, please call AusNet Services on 13 67 07.

Alternatively, call your licensed gas fitter if the leak is coming from you meter outlet, appliance, flues or ducts, or the pipe work from the meter to the appliance.


Gas leaks inside


If you smell gas inside a building:

  • turn off all appliances and pilot lights,

  • turn off supply at the gas meter,

  • open all door and windows for ventilation; and

  • contact your licensed gas fitter to repair the leak and re-light your appliances.



  • do not look for a gas leak with a naked flame or other ignition source

  • do not operate electrical equipment close to a suspected gas leak.

Dial Before You Dig

Before starting any digging or excavation work, please contact Dial Before You Dig by calling 1100.