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Preparing your site for a new natural gas connection


The site must allow clear access for field work crews to enter and exit and complete their work.


Proposed service line and meter location must be free from:

  • Scaffolding
  • Temporary fencing
  • Bins and toilets
  • Building materials

Preference is to have no other trades onsite impeding the service installation.


Site must be clearly marked with Lot/House number, street and suburb and visible from the street.

Final ground levels should be clearly marked on site.



Intended gas meter location must be identified as per your specific gas distributor's requirements.

Meter location must be accessible for reading and maintenance (e.g. not behind gate).

The meter must be protected from damage if proposed location is within 1 metre of vehicle traffic.

The meter must be in a compliant position in accordance with AS 5601 and AS 4645.

Minimum Clearance

  • 500mm Electricity Meter
  • 500mm Communication Equipment
  • 1000mm Window, door, garage, driveway
  • 1000mm Electricity equipment 
  • 1000mm Source of ignition
  • 3000mm Mechanical air inlet
  • 5000mm Flammable materials storage

For multi-dwelling installations, a metal tag 
with the unit/house number engraved on it 
must be permanently attached to the fitting 
line using a secure metal wire.

Are you ready?

Once we receive your request for a new gas connection we will schedule a site inspection to check if your site is ready to lay the service line.

Meeting the requirements for site readiness helps to ensure our crews are safe and efficient and minimises delays to your connection, and others who have requested connections.

As soon as we assess your site as ready, we aim to lay your service within 20 business days. 

Should the fieldwork crew find site conditions have changed and the site no longer meets the mandatory requirements, a site re-evaluation will be required and the works scheduled to take place within 20 days after readiness.

The information on this sheet is a guideline. For detailed requirements please click here