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Electric Vehicle Trial 

Electric vehicle numbers are growing within our network and AusNet Services is launching a new trial to understand the impact of EV smart charging on network demand. We are looking for Tesla owners who live within the AusNet Services distribution network to participate in a 4 month trial using the smart charging app. By plugging your car in and allowing to optimise your car’s charging behaviour, we can understand the impact of delaying charging during the evening peak demand period or other short term load peaks. After the trial a survey will be conducted regarding your experiences with the smart charging app.

If you are interested in signing up for this trial, or would like further information, please contact 


  • Why should I participate?
    Participating in this trial will allow AusNet Services to better prepare the network for increasing electric vehicle numbers. We believe in empowering our customers and are committed to building a smarter more efficient grid that will support the shift to a low carbon future. Participants will also be incentivised with a $500 Visa gift card for their participation in this trial.
  • I have an EV that is not a Tesla, can I participate?
    Unfortunately the software is only compatible with Tesla cars at the moment. Some additional smart charger brands are supported, so if you own a smart charger you can check whether the charger brand and model are supported by emailing the trial contact below.
  • Do I have to live within the AusNet Services Network Area?
    Yes, only participants within the AusNet Services distribution area are eligible to participate. Please check the map to see whether you are eligible.
  • How does the app work?
    The app gains access to your Tesla car management system and can issue commands to start charging, stop charging or check battery status. The app will always make sure your car is charged to your specifications (e.g. fully charged by morning) but may stop or start charging along the way to avoid peak demand times, high network tariffs or high carbon intensity energy supply.
  • Who will gain access to my charging data?
    When you sign up to the app you will be giving permission for to supply your charging data to AusNet Services and AGL. This will include the time, duration and approximate location of the charging sessions.
  • Can I see the results from the trial?
    After the trial is complete, participants will be supplied with a summary of the trial results. No personal information will be shared between participants and only aggregated data will be used in this summary.