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Ring-fencing compliance

We keep the regulated part of our business (AusNet) separate from the commercial part of our business (Mondo). This process is known as ring-fencing and is a legal requirement to keep things fair.  

The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) has released an Electricity Distribution Ring-Fencing Guideline to ensure we do not provide an unfair advantage to our related businesses.  

This is how we apply ring-fencing: 
Identifies waivers granted to AusNet by the AER under clause 5 of the guideline. 
Outlines the protocol for what information will be shared, the terms on which it will be shared, and how to request information. It also contains the register of legal entities that have requested information and a description of any information shared.
Identifies AusNet people involved in the provision or marketing of both direct control services and contestable electricity services under clause 4.2.2.(b) of the guideline, and offices where AusNet provide direct control services and contestable electricity services.