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Our commitment to customers

Our customer passion commits us to improving how customers experience our services. Whether it's connecting a newly constructed home or turning off supply for essential works.

We don’t have all the answers, which is why we involve our customers in engagement forums. To create our plans and proposed budgets for the 2022-26 electricity distribution services, we engaged a Customer Forum.

Together, we identified several ways to improve how we deliver our services. Things like making it easier to claim through our complaints process. Or making it easier for businesses to find the right person to contact.

Customer experience commitments

We created these commitments to improve the experience customers have with us. 

  • Making our organisation easier to deal with 
  • Building our understanding of customers’ needs and expectations 
  • Collaborating with the community and taking care of our most vulnerable customers 
  • Aligning our incentives with customer outcomes 
  • Establishing a clearer accountability for customers 
  • Fixing customer pain points and improving the customer experience 
  • Making the claims process easier 

Delivering better outcomes

The Customer Interactions and Monitoring report is an annual report that tracks our progress and performance against our commitments.