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What Next? How to Proceed

Across Western Victoria, AusNet Services is connecting homes, estates and regional towns to our natural gas network. Our connection process usually involves two steps – installing a service line from the street gas main to your property, and then installing your gas meter.

Whether it’s your property that’s new, or just the gas connection, we can help you get connected.

Getting Connected

  • – for tips and tools on choosing a retailer, please visit:
  • Contact your retailer and request a new gas connection; in turn, your retailer will send a request to AusNet Services to install your service line
  • Once your service line has been installed, arrange to have your meter connected by providing your retailer with a Certificate of Compliance number and the licence number of your plumber or gas fitter.
  • NOTE: not all gas retailers can arrange a new connection, so please check if this is a service your retailer can provide.

Other information

  • For gas connection to an existing property, your retailer may ask about the supply of natural gas to your property, and the types of appliances you plan to use or install (e.g. hot water service, heating, cooking, etc.).
  • You may also need to ask your plumber or gas fitter to upgrade your appliances from LPG to natural gas, and to provide you with a Certificate of Compliance for this work.