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Welcome to the online Solar and Battery Connection Tool

This tool is for you if you want immediate approval to install a Solar or Battery system that is:

  • Up to 10kW inverter capacity per phase and 5kW (3.5kW for SWER) total export limit per phase
  • The maximum size that can be catered for through this online tool is 30kW total inverter capacity and 15kW export limit across 3 phases.

Please note: we size all systems based on the total combined inverter rating(s) i.e. both solar & battery inverters, not panel ratings.

Some applications require manual assessment, such as:

  • All systems greater than 30kW capacity and 15kW export
  • Applications that require a more detailed engineering review

There are a few things you'll need before you use this tool:

  • What sort of installation it is, e.g. solar / battery
  • The NMI and meter number of the premise
  • Details of the proposed inverter(s) i.e. manufacturer and model
  • The the installation will be subject to our standard terms and conditions for solar and battery connections.