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Preparing for our future energy needs

The energy sector is undergoing rapid transformation, with increasing levels of renewable energy and our customers installing new technologies such as solar power, battery storage and electric cars. Our energy networks are at the centre of this transformation. To help prepare for the changes ahead and ensure that we are ready to meet our customers’ future energy needs, we are investing in several areas of innovation.

Through our innovation program we look to collaborate with a diverse range of partners including research organisations, technology providers, start-ups, other energy companies and our customers. Results from our innovation projects are shared in these pages.


Major Projects In Your Area

We are investing billions of dollars in capital works projects across both gas and electricity networks to upgrade capacity, meet growing customer demand and continue to provide a safer operating environment.

In carrying out major projects, we adhere to best practices in project management and an approach that is endorsed by the Australian Institute of Project Management. As well as delivering projects safely, on time and on budget, we also aim to minimise the impact on local communities, through consultation and when planning the construction stages.

Listed below are our current projects. Please select project you would like to find out more about.